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Thursdays 2:00p,

Bitty Ballerinas is our Pre-Ballet program perfectly suited for our most itty bitty ballet students (2 1/2 and up). This program introduces the young dancer to both movement and basic concepts of ballet technique. Balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength are all improved. While learning dance, our ballerinas also learn poise, determination, patience, and so much more. Each 45 minute class is held in the familiarity of your child’s school.

Our Programs – Studio Go Dance

Soccer Shots


10:30 am

Soccer Shots Mini is a high-energy program introducing children to fundamental soccer principles, such as using your feet, dribbling and the basic rules of the game.

Through fun games, songs and positive reinforcement, children will begin to experience the joy of playing soccer and being active.


Soccer Shots - The Children's Soccer Experience

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