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Dear Parents,


     Welcome to Kiddie U – the place to dream and imagine big, for opportunities to explore and make discoveries, a world of creative and innovated learning backed by research-based practices, so all children can gain the skills to become leaders in today’s society. Great and exciting things are happening at our center, and we invite you to experience them.

     Along with our faculty and staff, we are excited about both the challenges and rewards of being a critical part of your child’s future, and we are looking forward to working with all parents on establishing positive relationships. Trust, respect, and understanding are vital parts of these relationships; when parents and caregivers are on the same page, everyone benefits – especially the children. We are a strong proponent of an open-door policy and invite each and every parent to come talk to us about their concerns and desires for their children.

     We thank you for taking a peek at our center and look forward to providing your child with the care and education they truly deserve.


Warmest regards,


June and Dontrae Caldwell

Our Beliefs
Happy Children

     We believe children learn best through play and experiences. That means things will get messy, games will be played, imaginations will run wild, “Why?” will be asked a million times, and emotions and social interaction are expressed and at times learned the hard way. 

We will provide intentional play activities and opportunities to explore that meets the needs of our children. We will ask questions and develop high level thinking and play to help them learn and grow.


So, we say…

Let them…

Let them Discover.

Let them Observe.

Let them Experiment.

Let them Create.

Let them Play.

Our History

We are brand spanking new! But don't let that fool you.  Kiddie U strives to recruit the top of the line teachers and it is headed by a educator of over 15 years in the public education system. Check out our stories below!


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