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The Take Care Code

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Take Care of Your School and Home
      Take Care of Your Community  
Social skills are just like pre-academic skills; they must be taught.  The entire staff teaches children what appropriate behavior looks like throughout the day.  For example, “We take care of  ourselves in the hallway when we use walking feet”.
Adults model the behavior for the children, give the children many opportunities to practice the behavior, and point out when the children are taking care of themselves, each other, their school, and the world.

When behavior is not acceptable, the adult points that out and provides positive correction verbally and/or modeling.  For example, if a child forgets to clean up after snack, the staff member says: “We take care of our world by throwing trash in the trash can.  Let’s clean up together.”

Children Playing on Bouncy Castle

We use the following reinforcers


School to Home Connection

Students will receive notes from their teachers.  Please celebrate with your child when you see one in the backpack. 



When you send houses back to school with your child, the whole class celebrates your child.  Blank houses will be available for parents in the parent resource area located near the front foyer.   Parents may also download a copy from the school website.


Take Care of … Projects 

Throughout the school year, your family will be asked to participate in projects that take care of others and the community.  For example, we may participate in a toy drive, food drive, craft projects for veterans, etc.  

Care and Share Bags 

Some point during the school year your child will receive a bag of fun activities to be completed at home.  You and your child will get to play and learn about “taking care of …” at home.  

Boy Playing in Bouncy Castle


I'm not sure what to write

on my child's house


No problem! Here are some ideas from past houses.


Take Care of Yourself

John took care of himself when he...

put his clothes on by himself

went #2 on the potty

didn't cry when mommy said no

covered his cough


Take Care of Each Other

Susie took care of each other when she...

said hello with eye contact

gave her sad friend a hug

helped her mommy carry groceries


Take Care of Your Home

Mark took care of his home when he...

helped dad put the laundry in the hamper

kept his cup on the table at dinner

picked up his toys when asked


Take Care of Your Community

Katie took care of her community when she...

cleaned up her trash

helped grandpa put paper in the recycling bin

Kid Having Fun
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