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We need help collecting Loose Parts!


Things we adults may consider trash are treasures in our kiddos' eyes.


Suggestions are provided. 

Please bring items to our Recycle Station located in the Multipurpose Room

It will be added to our Maker Supplies to use throughout the year.

What are Loose Parts?

Loose Parts are materials with no fixed purpose that can be moved around and manipulated by children and used in many different ways.

The idea of Loose Parts came from architect Simon Nicholson. In the 1970s he was taking an interest in how children play and interact with their environments. He noticed that children weren’t given the opportunity to play and experiment with “Loose Parts” so he wrote: How NOT to Cheat Children – The Theory of Loose Parts

"All children love to play, experiment, discover, invent and have fun.”

– Simon Nicholson

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